The Thai massage seminar is designed for complete beginners, people who have no prior massage experience and who simply want to learn effective healing techniques to practice on their family, friends and loved ones.

The seminar aims to help you understand the values of a long tradition that is proven to be very effective. It helps you understand why giving a massage is as beneficial as getting one. Thai Massage is a unique and powerful ancient healing technique. It is an excellent tool for improving well-being, digestion, relieving pain, aligning the body and improving flexibility.

Schedule: Sunday 09 February, 2020

Price: 45 euro per person, for 2 persons 11% discount 80 euros

Attendance methods : Attend in person

Veniu : Athens, Greece Acropolis Metro station

    • +30 2109228581

    • +30 6977626399


By learning and applying this technique you can better help loved ones become pain free. Through this exchange, the energy of love flows effortlessly and improves healing for both parties. Healing someone involves love and will.

Everyone – great for beginners

Yoga teachers and gymnasts wishing to complement their skills

Those who simply want to learn an effective therapeutic technique to practice on family members, friends and loved ones.

This lesson provides practical training in the art of Thai massage.Technical and fingerprinting, special massage and movement from lying down and seating position

Correct posture for the person applying the technique in order to a avoid fatigue.

Couples will have the opportunity to practice on each other so they may get the benefit of giving and receiving a Thai Massage

Artemis Arvaniti through her training has developed a new form of treatment over the last 13 years that not only respects tradition but also offers new prospects for immediate pain relief. Her love for mankind has led her to establishing  the Healing Arrow.

1 People 45€
2 People's 80€ (Discount 11%)

The seminar will begin on Sunday 16 February, 2020 and lasts 3 hours.
The hours of departure and arrival will be: 16:00 - 19:00

Seminar will take place at a studio 20 meters away from the Metro station of Acropolis

Address: Makrigianni Street 23-27 on the Second flour

Name on bell: Healing Arrow Holistic Treatments

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Attend in person

The seminar is offered in a specially designed studio in the Acropolis area, 20 meters the Acropolis Metro Station.

Αfter you register you will receive attendance instructions

An attandance certificate is provided at the end of the seminar

Registration for attendance is finalized when paying the total cost of the seminar, which must be completed no later than 8 days before the start of the seminar.

Cancellation is accepted 5 days prior to the beginning of the seminar either by phone or email. Late cancellations will not be refunded.