Apostolos Sikelianos

While Artemis came for a visit this August,she realized my walk was not good, I could not walk straight from back pain. Every day I was talking Pills so I don’t suffer for at least two weeks. Finally Artemis told me let’s find a suitable place to have a massage (the place had beds by…

Rihna Figuereo

No había manera de que pudiera venir a Grecia y no visitarte. Muchas gracias por todo! Tuve mucho tiempo para hacer un buen masaje.

Olga Rodríguez

I fly.. Thank you very much Artemis. Your help was invaluable!

Sotiris Tsafos

Thank you very much. You do not imagine what a difference I feel on my leg. I can walk without help.

Riu Drops

The Healing Arrow is a life-changing experience. A true healing of body and soulI. Must say that Artemis is a really gifted person and therapist.She is professional and passionate in every unique therapy what she works with. Also she is the one that made me realize the meaning of « Do what you Love, Love…

Elsa Sklavou

The most amazing and magic hands. In just one section with Artemis… the pain of my neck and shoulder went away!!! Highly recommend Thank you so much Artemis…

Sotiris Moschovakos

An extremely divine experience by the hands spirit mind n energy of Artemis , Artemis is a divine recource n bridge of healing via mental spirit through hands energy. She is the persson who change my view to life .In my oppinion Artemis is a godgifted talented persson with great intentions . gratitude Artemis

Kalli Yianilos Kofinakos

The Healing Arrow by Artemis is a powerful and unique therapy that touches the mind, body and soul. Artemis is a truly gifted therapist, as she uses the energy through her hands to heal. I highly recommend The Healing Arrow by Artemis, as it is the most incredible healing experience I have ever encountered!!!

Olenka Dol

This Saturday had a great experience! It is amazing how can unique techniques and energy of this person improve your life. I’ve had pain in the middle of the back for almost a month and nothing was helping… Artemis did her magic (I do not have other word to describe this treatment))) and had a…