Healing arrow seminars Guasha body & face massage is for those who want to get into the profession of Guasha Massage, this is the most appropriate 14-hour fast-paced training over 2 days. You will be taught a full body massage based on the traditional Guasha body protocol: prone position, supine position and sitting position. All training is designed to provide students with a complete learning experience and knowledge of Guasha massage, as the practice is supported by clear and detailed theoretical analysis of the technique and its benefits. In addition, the seminar focuses on knowing the exact direction, pressure points and each meridian, along with the best possible posture, to avoid stress and maximize the therapeutic experience.

My aim is to transmit this ancient knowledge, which has proven its therapeutic value for thousands of years with love and respect.

Schedule: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17  November,  2024

Days: 09:30- 17:30 ( 2 days)

Duration : 16 hours

Attendance Method: Attend in person

Price: 330€

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At the end of the course you will have a complete professional training in the art of Guasha massage, you will be able to practice this massage with complete responsibility and confidence for its benefits.

Teaching a therapeutic massage while helping you understand why giving is just as beneficial as receiving. And most importantly, you will be more creative and happier as you work.

Together we can make this world more enjoyable without pain.

Guasha massage is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine, based on the knowledge and experience that has passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It helps in detoxifying the body, in the proper functioning of the joints, muscles and promotes better blood circulation while improving our metabolism.

Some special tools are used for Guasha that scrape the surface of the skin to bring to the surface the accumulating fluids (toxins) that accumulate in the body, which in turn cause poor circulation, difficulty in absorbing nutrients, pain and discomfort.

The real benefit of Guasha is balancing the functions of all the body. This includes the lymphatic system, the hormonal system, the reproductive system, the bloodstream, the cellular system, the joints, and muscles.

The key feature of Guasha massage is to bring hidden diseases to the surface. Guasa is a method that directs toxins from the affected areas of the body to the surface to pass into the lymphatic system for elimination. If all systems work properly, the important nutrients can be fully absorbed to nourish every part of the body, bringing it to complete calmness.

Face Guasha massage training, focusing on the face, neck and neckline. It includes facial scraping with a special massage tool, with the movements applied causing minor injury of the soft tissue, thereby increasing blood flow, removing toxins and restoring the skin, erasing fine wrinkles and reactivating collagen.

For masseuse who want to learn and get introduced to an effective healing art and for practitioners of all alternative therapies, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, gymnasts, sports therapists who wish to continue their studies and increase their practical skills.

For professionals who wish to extend their existing skills base.


By registering you will be given the manual that comes with the Body Guasha massage course, a very easy guide very informative images for each step, which will accompany you during your internship.

By registering you will be given the traditional Guasha tool from buffalo horn.

Information regarding the origin and the art of Guasha.

History and principles of Guasha body massage

Practicing Guasha body massage

– It is done in pairs so that they both experience and are trained simultaneously. Learners have their manuals on hand while the teacher demonstrates the sequence, giving clear details on how to properly hold the Guasha tool, how to find the right pressure point, or the energy lines in the body. Students begin their practice after watching the demonstration of the sequence, and always under the supervision of the teacher.

. -According to my teaching process and system, students can learn and absorb all positions of the sequence- a full body massage session.

The following sections are taught

The 3 body positions based on the traditional Guasha protocol: prone position, supine position and seated position

– We will also teach you some special Guasha techniques for releasing pain in the neck, shoulders, knees,

– Losing weight and sculpting the body in different areas.

Indications – Contraindications to massage

Basic energy meridians of the body and how they run through the body

Proper posture of the therapist, to avoid fatigue

Proper use of the Guasha tool

How to properly hold the Guasha tool, how to find the right pressure points and the energy lines in the body.

Tips for following a Guasha massage treatment

. . .

There will be a 10 minute breaks during the lesson, some drinks and small snacks will be available.

Artemis Arvaniti through her training has developed a new form of treatment over the last 15 years that not only respects tradition but also offers new prospects for immediate pain relief. Her love for mankind has led her to establishing  the Healing Arrow.

1 People 330€

The seminar will begin on Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 November, 2024
The hours of departure and departure will be: 09:30 - 17:30

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Attend in person

The seminar is offered in a specially designed studio in the Acropolis area, 20 meters from the Acropolis Metro Station.

Αfter you register you will receive attendance instructions

An attandance certificate is provided at the end of the seminar

Registration for attendance is finalized when paying the total cost of the seminar, which must be completed no later than 3 days before the start of the seminar.

Cancellation is accepted 2 days prior to the beginning of the seminar either by phone or email. Late cancellations will not be refunded.